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  • How to Wear Your Wedding Garter For Your Bridal Boudior Shoot

    After running this company for seven plus years, I have seen a TON of wedding garter photos. Usually, our brides will send us photos after the wedding day but every once and awhile, they will send me TWO sets of photos: one set from their pre-wedding bridal boudior session and another set from the wedding. <insert red "100" emoji twice here>
    For this reason, I have become fairly opinionated regarding how one should wear their wedding garter for their bridal boudior session. (opinionated? Me?? Nah.)
    So, without further adieu, here are FIVE go-to pro-tips that will help you slay your wedding garter photos, complete with a five gorgeous photos from Intimately Inspiring Photography. Why? To visually highlight what the heck I am talking about of course. 

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    1. We highly recommend wearing only 1 garter for your bridal boudoir shoot. This might seem obvious, however every once and awhile, a bride will decide to wear her both keepsake and her toss garter at the same time during her bridal boudior shoot. It doesn't look bad persay but if you want a clean and elegant look then opt for only 1 garter on that gorgeous leg! #LessIsMore

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    If you have two garters to chose from, pick the one that is jeweled, slim and super glamorous. Why? Because it looks so.darn.pretty when juxtaposed with the soft, feminine romantic look of your lingerie! 

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    It doesn't matter which leg you wear your garter on but be sure to wear it halfway up your thigh. So, not too low and not too high. Why? I honestly don't know. It just looks more balanced that way. 

    Make sure to wear something that doesn't cover your garter for at least a portion of your bridal boudoir shoot. So, if you are planning on wearing a bridal robe for apart of it, then that is wonderful but make sure to get a few shots with it off so that you can really see #allthesparkle

    Consider pouring bringing a bottle of rosé to the shoot. This pro-tip has absolutely nothing to do with wedding garters,  but we consider it relevant because ROSÉ ALL DAY.

    la gartier wedding garters




  • Bridal Boudoir Garters for Jennifer Williams Photography

    The beginning of February went off with a bang when Jennifer Williams of Jennifer Williams Boudoir sent me the prettiest photographs from a recent bridal boudoir shoot that she did using our ivory pearl toss garter.

    The timing could not have been more perfect with Valentine's Day sitting smack dab in the middle of the month. I means, seriously, nothing says I Love You more than a sizzling bridal boudoir session set in a sea of creamy linen sheets and high-quality lingerie.

    Valentine's Day aside, I was also extremely happy that Jennifer sent us these images due to the fact that they single handedly make one point very clear:  if you are planning on doing a bridal boudoir shoot before you wedding, then you simply must have a La Gartier garter on hand. Slim, sparkling and modern, our garters make for the most beautiful addition to any bridal lingerie set that you might be considering. The best part? You can then wear your garter again on your wedding day or even your wedding night! To shop our entire collection, please click here

    Also, just in case you are equally taken with the lingerie that Jennifer used in the below images-- they belong to a company called Lola & August that will simply knock your socks off.

    A huge thank you to Jennifer Williams of Jennifer Williams Boudoir for taking the time to capture our designs in such a flattering and sexy light! And another big thank you to the beauty wearing our garter in the below photos, Vannessa Young, for modeling our ivory pearl garter like an angel sent from heaven. You both make our company extremely happy to be in business of dressing brides-to-be during one of the sexiest holidays of the year-- Valentine's Day. These photos could not have come at a more appropriate time! Happy La Gartier everyone!
    pearl sparkle garter
    bling garter
    jeweled garter
    crystal pearl wedding garter
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