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  • Cyber Monday Like You Mean It

    It's almost time. The biggest sale all year starts on November 30th at 12:01 am! And guess what? You have a chance to get on our Cyber Monday email list, which means that you will receive our exclusive discount code six hours before any one else! To enter your information and get on our list, please click HERE.
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  • How to Wear Your Wedding Garter For Your Bridal Boudior Shoot

    After running this company for seven plus years, I have seen a TON of wedding garter photos. Usually, our brides will send us photos after the wedding day but every once and awhile, they will send me TWO sets of photos: one set from their pre-wedding bridal boudior session and another set from the wedding. <insert red "100" emoji twice here>
    For this reason, I have become fairly opinionated regarding how one should wear their wedding garter for their bridal boudior session. (opinionated? Me?? Nah.)
    So, without further adieu, here are FIVE go-to pro-tips that will help you slay your wedding garter photos, complete with a five gorgeous photos from Intimately Inspiring Photography. Why? To visually highlight what the heck I am talking about of course. 

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    1. We highly recommend wearing only 1 garter for your bridal boudoir shoot. This might seem obvious, however every once and awhile, a bride will decide to wear her both keepsake and her toss garter at the same time during her bridal boudior shoot. It doesn't look bad persay but if you want a clean and elegant look then opt for only 1 garter on that gorgeous leg! #LessIsMore

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    If you have two garters to chose from, pick the one that is jeweled, slim and super glamorous. Why? Because it looks so.darn.pretty when juxtaposed with the soft, feminine romantic look of your lingerie! 

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    It doesn't matter which leg you wear your garter on but be sure to wear it halfway up your thigh. So, not too low and not too high. Why? I honestly don't know. It just looks more balanced that way. 

    Make sure to wear something that doesn't cover your garter for at least a portion of your bridal boudoir shoot. So, if you are planning on wearing a bridal robe for apart of it, then that is wonderful but make sure to get a few shots with it off so that you can really see #allthesparkle

    Consider pouring bringing a bottle of rosé to the shoot. This pro-tip has absolutely nothing to do with wedding garters,  but we consider it relevant because ROSÉ ALL DAY.

    la gartier wedding garters




  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Carly Grace Hinchman's Pink and Opal Wedding Garter Set

    If you live in Atlanta and you are even slightly apart of the fitness scene, then you most likely know Carly Grace Hinchman. She is known as the yoga barbie around town. She drives a pink jeep, wears the loudest yoga pants you can find and owns her own yoga studio - Thunderbolt Power Yoga -- in Buckhead. I had the pleasure of meeting Carly years ago when I first started practicing yoga and then again when both she and I were selected as Jezebel Magazine's 20 Most Eligible Atlantans. (2014 was crazy. Don't even get me started on what it was like to be called out as single in front of 70,000 readers.) 
    Fast forward to 2017 ---> Carly Grace is no longer receiving press for being an eligible bachelorette. No, instead she is receiving press for being one of the most sucessful new yoga studios in Atlanta and for being engaged!!! That's right-- Carly Grace is getting ready to walk down the aisle in just seven short days!! And I had the utter pleasure of being asked to create her wedding garters. As soon as she asked me, I knew immediately that the design should contain two essential signature "yoga barbie" elements:
    1. The color pink
    2. An adorable elephant charm
    Why the elephant do you ask? On the walls of Carly's studio are two beautiful elephant murals (see photos below) that have come to symbolize Thunderbolt Power Yoga's playful & youthful allure, so I knew that her set needed to have an elephant on it is some way. I felt passionately convinced that it would be the perfect shout out to her favorite animal. So, I set to work with the shopping trips for the pink velvet and the elephant charm right away.
    Below are detailed photos of Carly's unbelievably special wedding garter set! If you love this set as much as we do, then please read the captions below each photo to learn more about the velvety details that make this design so meaningful!! Interested in a custom garter set of your own?? You can contact us by clicking here.
    pink velvet wedding garter
    Carly chose our infamous Athena garter as her keepsake piece. For her toss (which she will most likely never toss!) we decided to use a light pink velvet fabric for the body, with a silver elephant charm at the center. 
    thunderbolt power yoga
    Peep the elephants murals on the wall. Don't you just love them?!
    pink velvet wedding garter
    I can't tell which I like more-- the little iridescent rhinestone eye or the little carved heart on the rump!
    pink wedding garter
    On the inside of Carly's toss garter, we added her wedding hashtag #marryingmilyo in blue. She told me she cried when she saw this. Which leads me to a question-- why is it that embroidery is so.darn.powerful??
    something blue wedding garter
    Her "something blue" was not only meaningful but also modern and hidden. I was actually dying to add the word "namaste" somewhere but we didn't have room!
    I am all out of photos of her amazing wedding garters, but below are photos from her studio as well as a few unbelievably well-executed inversions. If you are a yoga-lover like me, then you will most likely go crazy over this set. I know I did! Stay tuned for more custom garter spotlight recaps and thank you all so much for reading! 
    thunderbolt power yoga
  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier bride Stephanie Ming's NFL Jersey Wedding Garter

    It's not everyday that you get a chance to cut up a real NFL jersey. Which is why I simply adored working with La Gartier bride Stephanie Ming last month! Stephanie married Levine Toilolo, who...if you love the Atlanta Falcons, is a name you are familiar with already.

    Stephanie married Levine just two short weeks ago in sunny California and I am so happy to announce that she wore an incredible custom La Gartier garter on her wedding day. The back story: Stephanie gave me one of Levine's real jerseys to cut into and use within her custom garter design. Both her sparkling keepsake and toss garter are made using the jersey fabric as well as its remarkable NFL logo details. Then, to make the set even more personalized, we hung a single music symbol charm from the center of the toss garter to represent Stephanie's love of music. (Gotta love a music-worshipping Pisces!) The final product has turned out so special that I am already talking with a few potential clients about creating a similar jersey-inspired designs for them using other team jerseys! Dear Stephanie- making this for you was nothing short of amazing. As a woman with a TON of Atlanta-pride, I found making this for you heart-warming and downright ATL-patriotic.  I am SO happy we pulled this off in time! I feel honored to create something that you will have for decades to come. I'm not going to lie-- I really hope you will someday have a little girl in who will inherit this NFL heirloom love magic!!! ✨❤️️🏈

    NFL Custom Wedding Garter

    NFL Custom Wedding Garter

    NFL Wedding Garter Atlanta Falcons


    sarah dobson la gartier



  • Who Run The World? GIRLS (and garters)

    It's not every day that we get to shoot with one of the best boudoir photographers in the South. Even more seldom is the chance to hire one of America's most admired yogis as our main model. That's what happened last month when we embarked on a drop dead gorgeous photoshoot with Holly Trizzino Photography, featuring the one and only Carly Grace Hinchman herself. Carly is best known around Atlanta (and for that matter, the South in general) as the "Yoga Barbie" but last month she transformed into a blushing bride-to-be for one day when Holly Trizzino photographed her wearing our beautiful garters. Holly Trizzino is a phenomenal local boudoir photographer who has more talent than she knows what to do with!! (See the pictures below for proof!) Her images of Carly Grace wearing the Vienna garter and the Hayley garter came out beautifully!

    Just in case you are wondering where you can purchase these lovely bridal rompers and robes, they belong to the Love Ophelia bridal collection. Where is the sexy lacy bridal lingerie from, you might ask? Look no further than the For Love and Lemons "Skivvies" collection.

    A huge thank you for Holly Trizzino for taking the time to capture our designs in such a flattering light! And another big thank you to Carly Grace of Thunderbolt Power Yoga for offering to model for our sparkling company! You both make our company heart shine brighter than a pile of diamonds! Happy La Gartier everyone!

    crystal garters

    garter with bling

    hayley paige garter

    cute wedding garters

    hayley paige wedding garter

    bridal boudoir wedding garter

    love ophelia bridal romper



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