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  • 5 Gorgeous Garters For The Modern Bride

    When it comes to wedding traditions you can pick and choose those that mean the most to you – many couples no longer want to wait for the ceremony to see their beloved so choose to have a ‘first look’, nor does every bride wish to toss her beautiful bouquet. And the same with the classic garter! Some see it as an antiquated tradition with no place in modern weddings, whilst others see it as an accessory that can be saved, cherished, and passed down through generations. (While also getting a few ultra-gorgeous photos on their wedding day!)
    If you’re not so sure whether to garter or not to garter, read on to learn the history behind the tradition and to see 5 gorgeous garters from our collection that may just help you decide!
    gorgeous wedding garter
    I am not even going to lie to you all. I am not a huge fan of the garter toss myself. However, I am a huge fan of wearing gorgeous accessories who express who I am as a person.
    ....And when it comes to your wedding day, you deserve nothing but the BEST. The garter that you see above is called The Galia...and it is a design that would be perfect if you are looking to pass an heirloom bridal item down to your daughter one day. Beyond just that, it makes for unbelievably gorgeous getting ready photos (think you. your bridal robe. your garter. BOOM.) 
    Click the photo above to see more of this incredible wedding garter full of what I like to call heirloom integrity.
    gorgeous wedding garters
    Slim and floral-centered, our Daphne garter is a radical departure from what you usually think of when you think of a wedding garter. The best part? There are tiny swarovski crystals nestled in between the tiny white flowers on this garter, making for just the right touch of sparkle. Click on the photo above to see more of our brand new Daphne garter!
    gorgeous wedding garters
    To me, the garter toss tradition pales in comparison to getting photos like these. And do you know what is SO WONDERFUL? You have the opportunity to use your garter for photographs on so many different occasions! Here are just a few, simply because I love proving a good point:
    ~your pre-wedding boudoir shoot
    ~your getting ready pictures on the day-of
    ~your bachelorette party night
    ~your rehearsal dinner outfit (if you wear a dress with a slit!)
    ~your wedding night (but promise us that you will wear all white/ivory lingerie. Make is sexy. But make it bridal.)
    ~Your first anniversary (preferably at night, once you get home.)
    ~Valentine's Day
    gorgeous wedding garters
    One of my favorite features of the wedding garter is that it is the only accessory that you will wear on your wedding day that goes underneath your gown. This means that you can really have fun with it. It is THE accessory that can personify WHO you are as a person, without worrying about whether or not it perfectly compliments everything else within your wedding day look (from the outside!)
    Above is a perfect example of a garter that has a TON of personality. It is called the Oh-So-L.A. garter and it is truly unlike anything on the planet. The only thing we ask is that you keep it and pass it on to your daughter one day. 
    gorgeous wedding garters
  • Wedding Earrings With a Modern Twist

    You love sparkle. You radiate positivity. You aren't afraid to be noticed.
    Sound like you? Then we have just the earrings for you!  Created to be worn on all of the days leading up to your wedding (a.k.a. engaged girl style) our darling earring collection the perfect choice for someone who wants something full of sparkle, with a slightly celestial touch. The best part? When the sunlight hits the gemstones just right, everything sparkles. Just like you. Scroll through the images below to find the earrings that say YOU. 
    wedding earrings
    wedding earrings
    Looking to slay your engaged girl style? We have you covered with our "Straight To My Heart" earrings!  Created to fill all of the days prior to your wedding with unmistakable style and sass, these earrings will catch side eyes from everyone at, say, your bridal shower, your bachelorette party, your rehearsal dinner, or on the first days back at the office after announcing your engagement.) The best part? We purposefully kept the price low on these beauties so you can spend EXTRA on the wedding day itself.
    wedding earrings
    wedding earrings

    You love being barefoot. You adore music festivals. You want a wedding dress that says down-to-earth but also elegant.

    We have just the earrings for you!  Created to be worn on all of the days leading up to your wedding (a.k.a. engaged girl style) our "Crystal Rock" earrings are the perfect choice for someone who wants something bridal-inspired, but still very earthy and very subtle. The best part? When the sunlight hits the quartz stones just right, everything sparkles. Just like you. Click the photo above to get this look! 

    wedding earrings

    wedding earrings

    Something about you says do not disturb....... And we have the perfect earring to help you say that without actually saying that. Let them know you mean unplugged in our "Hotel Me What Happened" earrings. Catch some side-eyes at all of your pre-wedding celebrations, from your bachelorette party, to your bridal tea, to your bridal shower, and on all of your wedding planning errands. Bonus points for taking them somewhere tropical given that they feature white straw tiki detailing. (p.s. there is most certainly a crafty cocktail out there just waiting to meet you, these earrings, and instagram.)

    wedding earrings


  • Sparkle Bridal Garters and Sparklers for the Fourth of July

  • Boho Wedding Garters for the Boho Glam Bride

    The arrival of summer means the smell of sunscreen, entire days spent in bikinis and a diet comprised of fruit and popsicles. (maybe just me?) However, here at La Gartier, it also means the release of a BRAND NEW limited edition design. And this summer, it's all about boho glam. While we aren't releasing photos of our new limited edition just yet, we are definitely revealing teaser videos and photos to prepare you all for the mega-boho-beauty that is about to take over our collection. If you follow us on instagram or Twitter, then you have probably already seen a few of the images that have inspired the design of our newest-limited edition design, however if you have not, then below are a few pictures (and even a written description!) of the inspiration behind our newest limited-edition wedding garter design. 
    She has been named the "Electric Boho" garter. And when I tell you that she stays true to her name, I mean it. And now for a confession: if you are a bride who identifies with anything that you see below, then you are going to go absolutely B-A-N-A-N-A-S over the Electric Boho garter. The only bad news is that we are releasing only 10 of these beauties, so it will be a first-come, first-serve situation once it is released on July 10th. I am going to say that one more time: there are only 10 of these available. So, if you love what you are seeing, then check back with us at 12:01am on July 10th for your chance to snag one of the first ten. 
    Lastly-- an important note to any bride-to-be who is reading this blog long after the passing of our Electric Boho garter: we have a few other designs in our permanent collection that are always available and still very much boho-inspired. To see just one of them, click here. Don't love it? Then feel free to email us at to inquire about a custom design made just for your boho-ridden heart. Happy La Gartier everyone! 


    boho wedding garter

    boho wedding garter

    boho wedding garters

    boho wedding garters


    boho wedding garter

    boho wedding garters



  • Published! Our Art Deco Aurora Wedding Garter featured on Ruffled Blog today!

    It is with great pleasure that I announce that our shoot with Alexis June Weddings was published on the uber-popular wedding blog Ruffled today! If you are a greenery-obsessed bride-to-be like so many that I know, then you are going to ADORE this shoot! Personally, I am partial to the gorgeous images of our Aurora garter and the classic ivory Jimmy Choo wedding heels that appear about halfway through this unbelievalbly EPIC editiorial collaboration, but perhaps that is because the Aurora garter has been apart of our collection for nearly 4 years now. Call me biased. Call me partial. Call me whatever you want because I am on cloud nine about this feature today! 
    A big thank you to Brandi of Alexis June Weddings for inviting us to be apart of this shoot last winter and to Jimmy Choo for providing the prettiest wedding heels a girl could ask for. 
    If you love these images as much as we do, you can click here to see the full post. And if you would like to make this garter your own for your wedding day, then please click here to be directed to where the Aurora garter resides on our site. Happy La Gartier everyone!

    art deco inspired garter

    art deco garter

    art deco wedding garters

    bride pronovias

    love ophelia bridal robe

    art deco wedding garter bling


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