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  • New! The Rose Gold Wedding Garter Is Here! Oh, and did we mention pearls?!

    Truth fast: the world needed a wedding garter like this. It's needed it for years, and we are so excited to finally be able to offer the world's prettiest rose gold garter as apart of our collection!
    Seriously, we have half a mind to apologize for not creating it sooner for you guys. Behold- The Coco Pearl Garter - created for the bride who adores all things rose gold, all things that includes pearls, and all things warm & romantic. Interested to see more? Click here to see more of this garter in our shop!
    rose gold wedding garter
    When aiming to find the balance between classicism and romanticism, look no farther than the Coco Pearl garter. Set within a sparkling swarovski crystal front band, exactly 22 pearls gleam like eternal moons in an intentionally cluster-like, celestial pattern. 💫   The best part? The undertone of rose gold will be sure to compliment any warm, romantic color pallet, making for an unparalleled match to your wedding day and your naturally romantic disposition. 🌹
    rose gold wedding garter
    As her name suggests, the Coco pearl garter was created for the most sensual and sensitive female personalities.  As most of you know, Coco was the epitome of blending modernism with classicism. In her mind, less was always more. In that spirit, the Coco Pearl garter was created.  Suffice to say, this garter was made for a bride who is known for her love of traditional + classic elements, but who also cannot get enough of modern twists on classic concepts. 👰‍♀️ Also, (and we think this goes without saying, the Coco Pearl bride is a bride who cannot live without warm, romantic elements within her life -- be it candles in her home, gold lockets around her neck, cozy sweaters in the fall, or (I am just going to say it) 👉  the color pink. 💗
    rose gold garter
    She should also be someone who appreciate classic motifs (pearls) but who likes to add a modern twist to them (braided gold chain detailing), creating a beautifully juxtaposed combination. (Modern classic? yes and yes.) ✔️
    rose gold garter
    Interested to see more? Please click here to be directed to the Coco Pearl listing or email us at!
    rose gold garter
  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Erin Kemp's Tiffany and Company Wedding Garter Set

    It's pretty rare that I get envious of another person's life. Or, rather, their relationship life. But as soon as I met La Gartier bride Erin Kemp, I was blown away by how absolutely beautiful her life with her soon-to-be hubby truly is. First of all, they are an entrepreneurial couple who owns and runs multiple Hydration IV bars in and around Houston. Second of all, they buy and sell property in Brazil. (My favorite country other than the United States Obrigada!) Then, to top things off-- she's absolutely gorgeous and has impeccable style. In truth-- they both have impeccable style. 
    By the time we had finished her phone consultation, I felt the allure of GLAMOUR seeping into my imagination as I realized just how fabulous this blushing bride-to-be's wedding garter set had the potential to be. I felt instantly determined to create a wedding garter set that reflected not only her relationship story but also her high-taste in fashion and her love of unique accessories.
    The elements of Erin's design were so multi-layered and UNIQUE that I can't think of anything else to do but bullet-point them! Scroll through the photos below to learn more about deeply meaningful custom wedding garter set. 

     tiffany and company wedding garter set

    The pendant at the center of her blue velvet garter is actually a VINTAGE Tiffany and Company padlock charm. We found it on Etsy and ordered it within minutes of finding it. To make this padlock charm even more meaningful, we ordered a tiny silver key from Israel for the lapel of her fiance's collar. Erin and Gilad's clothier is, as I type, sewing it into his custom suit for their big day. Gilad has the key. Erin has the lock. Seriously, is there anything more romantic?!

    something blue wedding garter

     something blue wedding garter

    Erin's fiance is Jewish and has a tattoo that translates to the number 18 in english. If you have any familiarity with Hebrew, it is called a "chia" and Erin is in LOVE with it. (probably because she is in LOVE with her fiance but also perhaps because she is in the process of converting to Judaism.) So, for her something blue, we decided to embroider this symbol within the inside of her garter. In fact, we included this sacred Judaic symbol on not only her keepsake but also..........---->

    custom wedding handkerchiefs

    On her custom wedding handkerchiefs!! Can you tell that blue is one of Erin's primary wedding colors? It's everywhere within the color story of her garter + hankie set and WE CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. 
    bridal handkerchief in blue with lace
    At the last minute, Erin decided to have one additional handkerchief made for Gilad's grandmother. She calls him her "sunshine" so we downloaded a special graphic from Etsy to be imported into my embroidery machine. 
    The hankie itself is vintage. 
    la gartier wedding garters erin kemp erin gilad
    Isn't the Tiffany and Company Padlock pendant so perfect?!
    All four of Erin's custom hankies + her wedding garter set. This is what we call bridal TREASURE.
    Erin Kemp and her soon to be hubby Gilad. 
    Interested in having a custom garter made for yourself? Please email us at to book your custom spot. Right now, we are completely booked until July of 2019 but as long as you are not getting married until after August 1st of 2019, then there is still time!! (big congratulations to Erin for marrying the man of her dreams on April 7th in Houston, TX! We wish we could be there with you!)
    sarah dobson


  • How to Wear Your Wedding Garter For Your Bridal Boudior Shoot

    After running this company for seven plus years, I have seen a TON of wedding garter photos. Usually, our brides will send us photos after the wedding day but every once and awhile, they will send me TWO sets of photos: one set from their pre-wedding bridal boudior session and another set from the wedding. <insert red "100" emoji twice here>
    For this reason, I have become fairly opinionated regarding how one should wear their wedding garter for their bridal boudior session. (opinionated? Me?? Nah.)
    So, without further adieu, here are FIVE go-to pro-tips that will help you slay your wedding garter photos, complete with a five gorgeous photos from Intimately Inspiring Photography. Why? To visually highlight what the heck I am talking about of course. 

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    1. We highly recommend wearing only 1 garter for your bridal boudoir shoot. This might seem obvious, however every once and awhile, a bride will decide to wear her both keepsake and her toss garter at the same time during her bridal boudior shoot. It doesn't look bad persay but if you want a clean and elegant look then opt for only 1 garter on that gorgeous leg! #LessIsMore

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    If you have two garters to chose from, pick the one that is jeweled, slim and super glamorous. Why? Because it looks so.darn.pretty when juxtaposed with the soft, feminine romantic look of your lingerie! 

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    It doesn't matter which leg you wear your garter on but be sure to wear it halfway up your thigh. So, not too low and not too high. Why? I honestly don't know. It just looks more balanced that way. 

    Make sure to wear something that doesn't cover your garter for at least a portion of your bridal boudoir shoot. So, if you are planning on wearing a bridal robe for apart of it, then that is wonderful but make sure to get a few shots with it off so that you can really see #allthesparkle

    Consider pouring bringing a bottle of rosé to the shoot. This pro-tip has absolutely nothing to do with wedding garters,  but we consider it relevant because ROSÉ ALL DAY.

    la gartier wedding garters




  • Pearl and Rhinestone Wedding Garters

    Are you looking for a pearl and rhinestone beaded wedding garter to match the beading on your gown for your wedding day? Or are you looking for a garter to match the beading on your sash? Here at La Gartier, we have received many requests for pearl + rhinestone beaded designs!! So, we recently added a design to our permanent collection that is drop dead GORGEOUS. It is called The "Cashmere" garter and stands to be one of the prettiest wedding garters in the world. (in our not-so-humble opinion!) Below are multiple pictures of it, including a picture of what it looks like inside of the signature La Gartier box. Also listed below are photos of a few other extremely popular pearl/rhinestone inspired wedding garter designs. If you are interested in purchasing this design for your wedding, please click here to be directed to The Cashmere listing in our shop!! Happy La Gartier everyone! 
    pearl and rhinestone wedding garter
    The Cashmere Garter. (drops mic)
    pearl and rhinestone wedding garter
    The Lori Garter- for the bride who wants a mix of sparkle and pearls but with a touch of gold
    ivory pearl garter
    Our ivory pearl toss garter has sparkle lining the edges. It is perfect for a bride who wants a combination of pearls and sparkle but who doesn't want to spend too much on her garter. The best part? It can be combined with a luxe keepsake garter as an accompanying toss garter OR worn by itself. 
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