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  • The Bridal Garter? The Bridle Garter? The Equestrian-Extra Garter? I don't know. I Just Love Horses.

    We have all met her. That girl from middle school or maybe even elementary school that plastered her bedroom wall with horse posters. She never hung out after school or participated in any extra-curricular activities because she was usually (ahem-always) headed straight to the barn. Dreamy-eyed and dare-devilish, this girl was commonly referred to as "horse crazy". Did it ever bother her? No-- I don't think so.
    In fact, it seemed as if she wore the label with pride. This spring, we are so excited to announce that our most recent limited-edition garter was made for the grown-up version of this girl. The ready-to-walk-down-the-aisle-then-ride version of this girl. The girl whose love is unbridled and wild. Ladies and gentleman, may we present to you The Bridal Garter. 

    horse wedding garter

    Created using leather from authentic bridle garters, this beautiful garter set was created for the bride who loves everything equestrian. From barrel racing to horse jumping, from dressage to roping, from showing to racing, from endurance riding to just plain brushing, every molecule inside this bride's body adores horses.

    equestrian wedding garter

    (note: this is the nose band part of the bridle! if you already knew this, then you get an A++ in horse bridle anatomy.)

    horse locket wedding garter


    Similar to our last limited-edition design, the Mother of Dragons garter, this beauty comes WITH a toss garter-- which means that you will have one to keep and one to toss.

    equestrian bridal garter for horse lovers garter

    My favorite part? The locket that is dangling from the center of the delicate lace toss garter was included so that you can enclose a piece of your horse's mane or tail inside. (side note: if you can't ride him/her down the aisle on your big day, then at least you can keep your free-spirited bestie with you in a symbolic way as you say I Do, right?)

    horse shoe locket

    Don't love the idea of the horse hair locket? The no problem at all. It is meant to be versatile, so if you want to put a photo inside, a piece of your bouquet, or even a natural artifact from the venue where you are getting married, then please-- by all means-- DO. In fact, we encourage you to get as creative as you possibly can with the contents of the locket. Just promise us you will send us photos after the wedding
    so as to share your locket genius with us!

    equestrian wedding garter horse bridal garter

    This is our first EVER limited edition design that allows the customer to choose which garter she wants! That's right-- you have two options to choose from with this design: either option A
    or option B.
    equestrian horse bit garter with locket
    As you can see, option A has a touch of a boujee beat to it-- featuring a silver bit at the center with sparkling, rhinestone detailing throughout. (p.s. can we please make "equestrian extra" a thing?!)

    leather horse bridle garter with locket

    On the contrary, option B takes a more subtle approach-- featuring an elegant, rich leather band with delicate ivory diamond stitching, for a "less is more" sort of a look.

    leather bridle horse garter

    (confession: so far, option B has sold more than option A, which surprised the HECK out of us. I thought that Option A would be the winner hands down but you all never cease to challenge my assumptions, which I love.)

    garter for women who love horses

    so which one will you choose? Option A or Option B? Please tell us which one you like the most in the "notes" section of your check out! (Bonus points if you are able to leave us your leg measurement too! That way, we can custom make your garters to fit your leg perfectly!)

    bridal garter bridle garter horse wedding garter

    But wait! We forgot to tell you about our favorite detail! Each design in marked with the number that it is in the extremely limited amount of this particular design. That is to say, each design is embroidered on the inside with the NUMBER that it is in the series. (Ie: 1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10, etc)

    horse equestrian inspired fashion and wedding accessories

    Did we mention that we made only ten? As of today, May 9th, we have six remaining.

    sarah dobson


  • How To Wear Your Sparkly Wedding Garter: Hayley Paige "Sparkle Squad" Edition

    Most of our brides purchase one of our designs so that they can have a gorgeous, completely one-of-a-kind wedding garter to wear under their gown on the most important day of their life. However, what most of our clients might not realize is that there are a TON of other ways to wear your garter. From bridal boudior shoots, to engagement parties to plain ol' cute pre-wedding outfits, the number of creative ways that you can wear your garter are limitless. (especially if you are one of those brazen, creative, i-don't-give-a-**** types!)
    In fact, just last week, we did a brilliant photoshoot with Kelly Lane Photography and model Harrison Sapp that featured our gorgeous wedding garters paired with Hayley Paige's brand new "Sparkle Squad" bomber jacket. <insert hand-to-forehead fainting emoji> 
    Below are just a few of the images from the shoot and a little bit of written information below each photo for all of you that are looking for an extra extra bombshell way to wear your garter. And if you find yourself loving the ideas you are getting from these photos, click here to see our brand new You Tube video from this shoot! (Disclaimer: it's not my fault if you end up buying every single piece from Hayley Paige's new hologram athleisure wear line. That is how pretty these photos are!) 
    I think that the best part about a sequined, iridescent bomber jacket is that it looks good when worn or when thrown over your shoulder. Talk about a fun and totally modern piece of clothing to wear during your engagement months!! And if you are looking for a way to spice up the look even more, pair this oh-so Hayley Paige bomber jacket with one of our wedding garters to up your bridal game by 💯!! 
    hayley paige sparkle squad bomber
    Just imagine: this bomber jacket, his garter, and all of your best friends lined up beside you throwing the same cute peace signs.✌🏼 *mind blown*
    sparkly wedding garters
    Pair your HP Sparkle Squad Bomber with our brand new Electric Boho limited edition garter for an extra extra iridescent-y look. (is iridescent-y a word? Probably not and I don't care.)
    sparkly wedding garters
    Throw it over your shoulder like a sparkly iridescent bride holder.
    sparkly crystal wedding garters
     Only 4 days after modeling in this shoot, ATL blogger Harrison Sapp became a bride-to-be!! That's right-- just a few days after modeling for us, her boyfriend of three years, Will White, got down on 1 knee and popped the question...which makes these photos even more beautiful than they already are. These photos are being released during the very 1st week of Harrison's engagement, which makes them even more special/beautiful/meaningful. Congratulations Harrison! We cannot wait to make your garter!
    sparkly wedding garters
    All photocredit goes to the lovely Kelly Lane of Kelly Lane Photography
    sparkly wedding garters
    Sparkle Squad Like You Mean It. 
    la gartier wedding garters sparkle garter
  • Boho Wedding Garters for the Boho Glam Bride

    The arrival of summer means the smell of sunscreen, entire days spent in bikinis and a diet comprised of fruit and popsicles. (maybe just me?) However, here at La Gartier, it also means the release of a BRAND NEW limited edition design. And this summer, it's all about boho glam. While we aren't releasing photos of our new limited edition just yet, we are definitely revealing teaser videos and photos to prepare you all for the mega-boho-beauty that is about to take over our collection. If you follow us on instagram or Twitter, then you have probably already seen a few of the images that have inspired the design of our newest-limited edition design, however if you have not, then below are a few pictures (and even a written description!) of the inspiration behind our newest limited-edition wedding garter design. 
    She has been named the "Electric Boho" garter. And when I tell you that she stays true to her name, I mean it. And now for a confession: if you are a bride who identifies with anything that you see below, then you are going to go absolutely B-A-N-A-N-A-S over the Electric Boho garter. The only bad news is that we are releasing only 10 of these beauties, so it will be a first-come, first-serve situation once it is released on July 10th. I am going to say that one more time: there are only 10 of these available. So, if you love what you are seeing, then check back with us at 12:01am on July 10th for your chance to snag one of the first ten. 
    Lastly-- an important note to any bride-to-be who is reading this blog long after the passing of our Electric Boho garter: we have a few other designs in our permanent collection that are always available and still very much boho-inspired. To see just one of them, click here. Don't love it? Then feel free to email us at to inquire about a custom design made just for your boho-ridden heart. Happy La Gartier everyone! 


    boho wedding garter

    boho wedding garter

    boho wedding garters

    boho wedding garters


    boho wedding garter

    boho wedding garters



  • Jimmy Choo's Luna heels with our limited edition iridescent rhinestone "Sydney" garter

    If Jimmy Choo were in a boxing ring with Christian Louboutin or Guiseppe Zanotti, I would bet on Jimmy Choo everytime. Wait. Actually, I take that back. If Jimmy Choo were in a boxing ring with Christian Louboutin and Guiseppe Zanotti, I would bet my money on Jimmy Choo everytime. 
    (Side thought: think scrawny but scrappy Englishman named Jimmy in a ring against two men that are larger than him-- one is a beret-wearing Parisian artist named Christian  and the other is a hefty, linguini-obsessed Italian named Guiseppe Zanotti. Yeah. I would still bet on Jimmy.)
    Suffice to say, Jimmy Choo is my favorite designer of luxury bridal shoes...and not just because I think that they are the prettiest. I also have heard that they are the most comfortable from many of my MRS. friends and clients.
    So, you can imagine my utter joy last month when photographer Brandi Schaffran-Webb of Alexis June Weddings sent me over a dozen photos of our new "Sydney" garter paired next to Jimmy Choo's new "Luna" heels!!! The Luna heels are one of my favorites on the market at the moment because they are inspired by the night sky, which is exactly what Hayley Paige's recent collection personifies. In fact, I love this motif so much that we recently released a limited-edition garter called the "Sydney" (see pics below) which was inspired by something I call "Galactic Glam" (think of the same night sky, celestial romance, star-chic look that both Hayley P. and Jimmy Choo are channelling at the moment. Below are both photos of our phenomenal "Sydney" garter as well as Jimmy Choo's Luna heels. (a perfect and oh-so original "something blue" if I ever did see one. Hint hint)

    rhinestone wedding garter

    Jimmy > Christian & Guiseppe 

    rhinestone sparkle wedding garter

    crystal rhinestone wedding garter

    jimmy choo wedding heels

    jimmy choo wedding shoes

    sarah dobson la gartier



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