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  • The Mother Of Dragons Wedding Garter

    It has been a hot sparkly minute, but we finally did it-- we released a brand new limited edition wedding garter. And this garter isn't just any limited-edition design. This is the FIRST EVER limited edition design that comes with a toss garter, making it the first limited edition wedding garter set this side of the Mississippi. (Ahem-- anywhere on the planet actually. Seriously. I googled it.)
    Inspired by the infamous character Khaleesi from Mother of Dragons (a.k.a: Daenerys Targaryen), this incredible wedding garter set is literally filled with GOT symbolism. Because the details of this design are so complex and special, please allow us to take a moment to bullet point the most alluring of its features:
    *The front band of the keepsake garter features exquisite ivory and pearl detailing. Hidden within the beading are over 20 "dragon scale iridescent" rhinestones added for extra sparkle.
    *Hanging from the center is a dainty silver dragon pendant. (Please note: this is removable!! We hand-sew each one on ourselves. So, if you would rather have this design without the dragon pendant at the center, please email us at OR leave us a note in the "comments" section of your check out.)
    *The velvet inner ribbon of this design is "Khaleesi Blue"-- which is meant to be your "something blue" if you do not have it and/or a nod to Khaleesi's signature color. The best part? Embroidered onto each inner ribbon is the number of your design. That is, if you order the third Mother of Dragons garter (there are only ten total) then yours will be marked "three of ten" on the inside. This is the very first time we have ever done this! 
    *At the center of the design, just above the silver dragon pendant, you will notice a cluster of three rows of pearls. They are in the shape of a trident. Each one of these lines represents one of Khaleesi's three dragons - Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. 
    *This design, unlike any other past LG limited-edition, comes with a toss garter. <insert hayley paige dancing bride emoji> The design of the toss garter was created to resemble dragon scales- slighty iridescent, round and layered. 
    *The back band of both the toss garter and the keepsake garter are dotted with tiny rhinestones for added sparkle.
    *The back band on the keepsake garter has a faint silver trim on the top and bottom. This is symbolic of Khaleesi's silver white hair. (If you watch the show, you will know that her silvery hair is more prevalent in the later seasons versus the earlier ones. Still, this is an iconic Daenerys color if ever there was one!)
    And now for the important how-to-purchase information: Tomorrow, at 12:01 am, this garter will go on sale. We have only ten available and from the look/feel of social media, four of them are already spoken form. If you love this garter and DEFINITELY want to make it yours, we highly recommend placing your garter as early as possible tomorrow. The best part? Tomorrow is Cyber Monday!!! What does this mean might you ask? This means that we will be releasing a 30% off discount code for you to use towards anything you want on our website. For the Mother Of Dragons garter, this means you could save as much as sixty dollars!! Please stay tuned for our coupon code on ALL of our social media platforms at 12:01a.m. MST tomorrow. Happy La Gartier everyone! 
  • Custom Garter Spotlight: Kayla Shudy's Vintage Blue Butterfly Heirloom Wedding Garter Set

    When I first spoke with La Gartier bride Kayla Shudy on the phone, I instantly felt a connection to not only her as a person but also her story. I could tell that Kayla was sweet, honest, and lived her life with a full and open heart. As I listened to her talk, I sensed that her garters were going to be amazing-- and they were. By the time we had finished her phone consultation, I felt more determined than ever to create a wedding garter set for her that reflected not only her beautiful heart but also her story. Why? Well, I can write it down here in words but I don't feel that I will ever truly be able to convey the beauty of Kayla's custom wedding garter set. The back story: Kayla's mother passed away in 2011, shortly after meeting Kayla's soon-to-by hubby. When Kayla got engaged, she knew that she wanted to be able to have her mother with her in some way on her wedding day, but wasn't sure how. When she heard about our custom designs, she reached out and asked us if she could send us a sleeve from her mother's wedding dress so that we could use the fabric within her wedding garter design. (We call these designs "repurposed" wedding garter designs and I adore them with all of my creative being.)
    So, Kayla shipped us the sleeve to our Atlanta studio and we got to work right away. Little did I know that the garter set that would be born of our meeting would end up being one of the prettiest custom garters this side of the Mississippi. 
    The elements of Kayla's design were so multi-layered and UNIQUE that I can't think of anything else to do but bullet-point them! Scroll through the photos below to learn more about deeply meaningful custom wedding garter set. 
    pink wedding garter set
    The butterfly that you see at the center of Kayla's toss was special due to the fact that it was Kayla's mothers' favorite symbol. Not only that, but it also served as Kayla's "something blue." 
    locket wedding garter
    The best part? This locket was a vintage find, so it also serves as Kayla's "something old".  I am literally dying to know what Kayla is going to decide to put inside the locket on her wedding day. 
    custom wedding garter set
    The back band of Kayla's keepsake garter was embellished with dozens of tiny sequins and pearls that were taken from the sleeve of her mother's vintage wedding gown. *grabs tissues*
    rose gold wedding garter
    I knew that Kayla was not going to want to toss her vintage butterfly locket garter, so I created a third REAL toss garter for her that featured a silver "O" charm at the center (which, as you can guess, is the first letter of her new last name.)
    rose gold wedding garter set
    La Gartier bride Kayla Shudy's wedding garters inside of our signature box. I have no words to describe how honored I feel to be a small part of such a significant day in Kayla's life. I can only hope that we made her mother proud. 
    sarah dobson
  • All I Want For Valentine's Day is a Sparkly Wedding Garter and a Lace Bridal Robe

    In honor of Valentine's Day, we've teamed up with Girl And A Serious Dream and Wedluxe to giveaway not only one of our prettiest wedding garters (see photos below) but also a lace bridal robe from Girl And A Serious Dream!!!!! 
    But wait!! It gets better! We are also giving away a free lace mask, which is perfect for Valentine's Day or pretty much any night with bae. To enter to win, you need to must:
    1. Follow @lagartier on instagram
    2. Follow @GirlAndASeriousDream and @Wedluxe on instagram
    3. Leave a comment underneath the giveaway post on the @wedluxe instagram page (and ours too!) and tag your friends in a comment under this post!! (the more friends you tag, the higher your chances of winning)
    4) Have a public profile for the duration of the giveaway
    Good luck everyone!! We figured that it wasn't really Valentine's Day without sparkle and lace all around, so we truly hope that you will have FUN with this giveaway and tell all of your friends about it! Have questions? Simply email us at or send us a direct message on instagram! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! (Note: all photocredit for these images goes to Rachel Elaine Photography.)
    rachel elaine photography
    The Vienna garter from yours truly 
    rachel elaine photography
    girl and a serious dream bridal robe
    Enter to win this seriously dreamy bridal robe from Girl And A Serious Dream by heading to instagram now.
    lace sleep mask bridal girl and a serious dream
    sparkle crystal bling wedding garter
  • 2017 Moments that Sparkle


    As 2017 comes to a close, we can't help but look back on this year and feel sentimental. (pretty sure this is called catching feels?) 

    2017 was a year of tremendous growth for us. From new clients to a new space (not to mention a Cyber Monday sale that made all previous years pale in comparison), this year truly sparkled . For this reason, we decided to make a quick video that highlights a few of our favorite "sparkle" moments from 2017, Maybelline-painted flowers and all.

    True story: creating wedding garters for engaged women around the world is pretty much a dream job. It is something we feel TRULY BLESSED to be able to do and something I make a note to thank the universe for everyday. To me, our design studio is a magical place- literally filled with treasure and beauty and inspiration. This quick 60 second video will (hopefully) give you a glimpse into the magic that happens here as well as the gratitude that lines our walls.

    Proof that details are everything,


  • Sad Fact: Our Crystal Rock Stud Wedding Garter is Officially #LaGartierExtinct

    Hi all! We are coming in hot this Monday morning with sad news: our Crystal Rock limited-edition design is officially #LaGarterExtinct, meaning that we will not have it back in stock EVER.

    As we realized that this must be upsetting news, here is a photo of an adorable puppy in a sweater to ease the pain: 

    adorable puppy

    Helpful? We hope so. And if not, then here is a little back story on how we run our limited-edition designs so that this doesn't happen to you again: we release exactly 4 limited-edition garters per year: one in the summer, one in the fall, one in the winter and one in the spring. The Crystal Rock was our fall limited edition and we only had 10 to offer from the get-go. Fortunately unfortunately, all ten have found homes with brides from around the world (mostly the United States but one in the UK and one in Australia!) which means that this beautiful and rare design is now an elegant dinosaur in the world of wedding garters.

    BUT don't despair: we have something up our sleeve that might turn that frown upside down:  we are currently working on our winter limited-edition design at the moment and it is coming out BEAUTIFULLY. Below are a few sneak peek photos of the inspiration behind our newest design. <pause>  I am going to stop talking now before I give away any additional revealingdetails! <puts hand over mouth>

    seersucker wedding garter

    southern wedding garter

    seersucker wedding garter

    southern wedding garter

    southern monogrammed wedding garter


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