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  • How To Measure For Your Wedding Garter

    If I had a penny for every time someone asked me how to measure for a wedding garter, I would be purchase something similar to the Titanic Diamond in order to make the most luxurious wedding garter ever created. It's a valid question because we so rarely ever have an occasion to measure our thigh. I mean, seriously, how many other upper-leg accessories have you worn in your life? So, without further adieu, below are my step-by-step instructions regarding how to measure your leg for your wedding garter, complete with a pretty visual guide. 

    how to measure for a wedding garter


    First of all, I should tell you that there is no official rule for which leg you should pick for your garter. That is, you can wear it on whichever leg feels right to you. Personally, I like my left but perhaps it is because I am right-handed?? Who knows. What matters most is that you are comfortable, so pick whichever leg you want.
    Then, take a fabric measuring tape (the cheap sewing kind that you can buy at the grocery store are fantastic) and measure about five to six inches from the top of your knee cap. This usually ends up being about mid-thigh.
    Note: Don't pull the tape in too tight lest your measurement be smaller than it actually is. And don't leave it too loose either, or your measurement be too large. Wrap the tape so that it perfectly flush to your skin without any intense pulling or drooping. 
    Next: round up or down to the nearest whole inch. (No need to send us fractions ladies. The nearest whole inch will do just fine. You can thank the elastic on your garter for that one.) 
    And that's it! Once you have your measurement, please leave it in the "notes" section of your check out or email it to us at! 
    I know it's a hassle, but sending us your leg measurement ensures a perfect fit, which I have a feeling that you want. With garters this pretty and pricey, we definitely don't mind going the extra mile to custom make your garter to fit your leg as long as you don't mind taking the time to measure. Happy La Gartier everyone! 

    la gartier wedding garters


  • Unicorn Wedding Garters For the Magic Bride

    New product alert!!!! As you know, every six months or so, we add new products to our collection. This February, we did just that. And not just any new products, but one that our customers have been requesting for over a year-- a unicorn-inspired wedding garter design. Personally, I couldn't be more excited for the release of uber-magical beauty!
    Who is the unicorn garter for? The unicorn garter was created for the bride who loves all things magical. She may be a girly girl or she may be an introverted type who loves fantasy literature <insert tons of black eyeliner here>  but one thing is for sure: she adores unicorns. In fact, I would be willing to bet 1 million dollars that she is marrying a man who also loves all thing sci-fi/fantasty related (but not as much as he loves her!) 
    The best part? This garter now has its own emoji thanks to bridal gown designer Hayley Paige. (see image below for a glimpse of this gorgeous illustrated beauty!) We actually designed a custom unicorn inspired wedding garter for Hayley in 2014, which is a large part of the reason we are now releasing a permanent unicorn garter into our collection. (Hayley, thank you oodles for the inspiration + emoji! You literally made our entire February!) 
    To make this beautiful garter your own, click here to be directed to our Unicorn Darling garter listing in our shop. Happy La Gartier everyone! 


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