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  • Five Gorgeous Gold Wedding Garters by La Gartier Wedding Garters

     When it comes to gold wedding garter designs, no one does it better than La Gartier Wedding Garters. No, seriously, we have five of them! From the vintage gold look, to the rose gold hue, all the way urban gold, I can honestly say we have the BEST on the market. 
     When we started designing wedding garters in 2011, we were definitely thinking more about sparkle, sparkle, sparkle..however in recent years, we have grown to incorporate more gold into our designs than anything other color other than opal blue. And honestly--- I am so happy we did. I personally love the warm, romantic aesthtic of gold. I always have but, coincidentally, it is trending right now in a BIG way. If you are a bride who is incorporating gold into her wedding day in any capacity, then we have the most perfect blog post for you! 
    Below are a FIVE of our most popular gold wedding garter designs! Which one says YOU the most?
    gold wedding garters
    1. The Florentine Garter
    Mixing both gold and rose gold, this garter was brought to life in 2015, just around the time when rose gold started to make its dramatic entrance into the world of weddings. At this point in bridal history, I was absolutely obsessed with the idea of gold in weddings. Little did I know that the trend would only grow and grow and grow. When the Florentine was born, we knew that we wanted a super glamorous, sparkly design that had a unique silhouette.  When she was finished, I was in awe. For years, she was the only gold garter in our collection. Over the past two years, we have added four additional gold designs, but this one will always remain the garter that is nearest & dearest to our company heart. Not your style? No problem! We have more for you to see! Keep scrolling below!
    gold wedding garter
    2. The Lori Garter

    The Lori garter has been in our collection for over five years and we are OBSESSED with her!!!  Why? Because not only does it include gold, but it also includes pearls & sparkle! In addition, this gorgeous vintage-feeling-garter lies super flat-to-the-leg, making for a perfect choice if you are wearing a gown that has a skirt that is form-fitting like a mermaid or a trumpet. Love what you are hearing? 

    Click here to see more of the Lori and make it yours like yesterday. Not your style? Then get ready. We have more incredible, designer options below! 

    gold wedding garters

    3. The Oh-So L.A. Wedding Garter 

    Full disclosure: the Oh-So L.A. garter is a limited-edition garter. So, it won't be available for long. If you are reading this blog in, say 2023 or 2024, then this completely original design is most likely no longer available. However, for now, we have it! Eeep!

    Created using a jaw-dropping 12mm White Gold Flower Set Cuban Link chain, this garter was designed for the fashion-forward bride. Never afraid to take risks, this bride is very-well-known for being a trendsetter. ⛓ She adores all things edgy and original, whether it be in accessories, film, or music. 🎶  More likely than not, this bride adores the style of Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Gwen Stefani. Rule breaker? Check and check. 🖤

    Click here to see more of her beauty.

    Too urban for you? To L.A? Let's move onto the next gold wedding garter style! 



    gold wedding garters

    4. The Anastasia Wedding Garter 

    This garter is made out of a stunning opalescent & rose gold centerpiece. One single round-cut clear swarovski crystal sparkles at the center, surrounded by marquis-shaped opal stones and clear porcelain beads. Nestled in between the opal stones and clear sparkling gems are tiny ivory pearls, all encased within alluring rose gold settings. To make this design even more special, we have added two aqua glass marble pearls to the left and right side of the design, making for four total pearls. The number four symbolizes love and stability, which is exactly what these four aqua glass pearls represent. 💓

    The best part? The band for this garter is made of light ivory stretch elastic, making for a wedding garter design that sits flat-to-your-leg. Fun fact: each design is numbered on the inside via metallic rose gold embroidery thread. (One through fifteen. This is a limited-edition design. Available while supplies last.) 😬


    Interested to see more of the Anastasia Garter? Click here to be directed to her listing in our shop! The only thing that we ask is that you tell everyone where you got it. 

    gold wedding garter

    5. The Coco Pearl Garter

    When aiming to find the balance between classicism and romanticism, look no farther than the Coco Pearl garter. Set within a sparkling swarovski crystal front band, exactly 22 pearls gleam like eternal moons in an intentionally cluster-like, celestial pattern. 💫   The best part? The undertone of gold and blush pink will be sure to compliment any warm, romantic color pallet, making for an unparalleled match to your wedding day and your naturally romantic disposition. 🌹

    We are obsessed with this garter, so we can't stop at just one photo! Here are a few more so you can really get an idea of what she looks like!

    gold wedding garters

    gold wedding garter

    Ok, beauties! I think that just about does it for all of the gold wedding garters that we currently have in our collection! We hope that this blog post was helpful for you! 

    Interested to see more unique wedding garters beyond just our gold styles? I am not even kidding you guys. We have the most artistic and rare wedding garters this side of the equator!  Click here to access our entire shop or email us at so we can help you pick yours out!

    opal wedding garters




  • A Rose Gold "Faith" Wedding Garter for La Gartier Bride Kelly Lane Mangum

    La Gartier bride Kelly Lane Mangum had a stunning wedding in Atlanta, Georgia at the beginning of June. How do I know for sure? Because I was there!! I met Kelly through the Atlanta wedding industry years ago as she is a highly sought after event/wedding photographer in ATL......and on June 3rd, I had the pleasure of attending her insanely chic nuptials. Just imagine a helipad, a 365 degree view of the Atlanta skyline, gorgeous black and white decor, plus one of the prettiest Hayley Paige gown in the world. (Full disclosure: I say that about every Hayley Paige gown!) In short, Kelly's wedding was the epitome of what you think of when you think of a urban-chic wedding. However, as a guest, I was privy to more than just how things looked from the outside. That is, I was witness to a wedding that was not only pretty on the outside but also warm, romantic and full of love on the inside. Seriously, I couldn't stop crying during the ceremony. And I'm not talking about light, pat-at-your-eyes-with-a-napkin crying. I'm talking about downright Kim K. ugly crying. No joke, I don't even know how I became that emotional in public. Perhaps I have grown closer to Kelly than I realized. I did, after all, create her gorgeous wedding garter for her. (see photos below)
    For Kelly's garter, I created a custom version of our Florentine garter, complete with "something blue" embroidery on the inside, commemorating the date of Kelly's wedding on the inner part of her garter. Then, to make it even more special, I created an all black satin toss garter for her, with a very special silver and gold cross pendant at the center. Why might you ask? Because Kelly and Michael met in youth group over eight years ago!!! And perhaps more importantly, because faith is an absolutely paramount ingredient within their relationship.  
    Dear Kelly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to your wedding!!! (#loveyou #meanit) 
    Creating your custom "Florentine Faith" garter set was an absolute blast!
    Side note: If you love these photos as much as we do and would like to speak with someone about having a custom garter made for yourself or someone whom you love, then please feel free to contact us via email at OR you can use the contact form by clicking here.  Happy La Gartier everyone! 
    rose gold wedding garters
    La Gartier bride Kelly Lane Mangum's wedding garters photographed by Milanes Photography
    cross faith wedding garter
    Kelly's toss garter had a gold and silver cross at the center to represent the one thing that matters most in her relationship: faith
    wedding garter with cross
    My favorite part? The backside of the cross was engraved with the words "faith, hope, and love"
    la gartier wedding garters
    la gartier bride kelly lane mangum
    hayley paige behati gown
    hayley paige behati gown
    hayley paige behati gown
    hayley paige behati gown
    hayley paige behati gown
    sarah dobson la gartier
  • Gold Wedding Garters

    It is no secret that gold is taking the wedding industry by storm at the moment. And you know what? You won't hear any complaints from me. I love this royal, metallic, warm color. To me, the color gold is the personification of romanticism and luxury. In fact, I have been using it in our designs for years and am just now able to look into our Vault at some of the lovely gold garters we have designed in years past. If you are looking for a beautiful garter for your wedding that utilizes the color gold, look no farther than La Gartier Custom Garters. Below are pictures of just a few of our lovely gold wedding garter options for you to choose from. The most popular garter that I would recommend is called The Florentine garter, which you can see by clicking here. Happy La Gartier everyone! gold wedding garter
    The Florentine Garter features rose gold twining detail and rhinestone + pearl embellishments 
    gold wedding garter
    The Florentine garter as photographed by Angie Capri Photography
    gold wedding garter
    The Lori garter
    gold wedding garter
    The Katniss Garter (limited edition) 
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