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  • A Rose Gold "Faith" Wedding Garter for La Gartier Bride Kelly Lane Mangum

    La Gartier bride Kelly Lane Mangum had a stunning wedding in Atlanta, Georgia at the beginning of June. How do I know for sure? Because I was there!! I met Kelly through the Atlanta wedding industry years ago as she is a highly sought after event/wedding photographer in ATL......and on June 3rd, I had the pleasure of attending her insanely chic nuptials. Just imagine a helipad, a 365 degree view of the Atlanta skyline, gorgeous black and white decor, plus one of the prettiest Hayley Paige gown in the world. (Full disclosure: I say that about every Hayley Paige gown!) In short, Kelly's wedding was the epitome of what you think of when you think of a urban-chic wedding. However, as a guest, I was privy to more than just how things looked from the outside. That is, I was witness to a wedding that was not only pretty on the outside but also warm, romantic and full of love on the inside. Seriously, I couldn't stop crying during the ceremony. And I'm not talking about light, pat-at-your-eyes-with-a-napkin crying. I'm talking about downright Kim K. ugly crying. No joke, I don't even know how I became that emotional in public. Perhaps I have grown closer to Kelly than I realized. I did, after all, create her gorgeous wedding garter for her. (see photos below)
    For Kelly's garter, I created a custom version of our Florentine garter, complete with "something blue" embroidery on the inside, commemorating the date of Kelly's wedding on the inner part of her garter. Then, to make it even more special, I created an all black satin toss garter for her, with a very special silver and gold cross pendant at the center. Why might you ask? Because Kelly and Michael met in youth group over eight years ago!!! And perhaps more importantly, because faith is an absolutely paramount ingredient within their relationship.  
    Dear Kelly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to your wedding!!! (#loveyou #meanit) 
    Creating your custom "Florentine Faith" garter set was an absolute blast!
    Side note: If you love these photos as much as we do and would like to speak with someone about having a custom garter made for yourself or someone whom you love, then please feel free to contact us via email at OR you can use the contact form by clicking here.  Happy La Gartier everyone! 
    rose gold wedding garters
    La Gartier bride Kelly Lane Mangum's wedding garters photographed by Milanes Photography
    cross faith wedding garter
    Kelly's toss garter had a gold and silver cross at the center to represent the one thing that matters most in her relationship: faith
    wedding garter with cross
    My favorite part? The backside of the cross was engraved with the words "faith, hope, and love"
    la gartier wedding garters
    la gartier bride kelly lane mangum
    hayley paige behati gown
    hayley paige behati gown
    hayley paige behati gown
    hayley paige behati gown
    hayley paige behati gown
    sarah dobson la gartier
  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Kelley Romero's Romantic Southern Bayou Inspired Wedding Garter Set

    Just finished: La Gartier bride Kelley Romero's Romantic Southern Bayou wedding garter set!! This special design was created using pieces of Kelley's mothers' wedding veil and gown. (If you watch our videos on instagram, then you will probably remember the beautiful vintage veil we had sitting on top of our studio lamp for 2 weeks. Her veil made our entire room feel more alive and beauty-infused, similar to how one single vase of roses can bring a room to life.)
    Originally, Kelley had requested a garter that would be romantic, whimsical, girly sparkly and unique to match her Hayley Paige gown but after we spoke via telephone, she and I decided to also add elements from her mother's wedding day ensemble. This took the significance of her garter set from a 5 to a 10 in my opinion!!! The best part?? All of the embellishments that we pulled from the vintage veil were IRIDESCENT, which couldn't have worked more perfectly with Kelley's love of Hayley Paige!!!
    Below are detailed photos of Kelley's unbelievably special wedding garter set! If you love this set as much as we do, then read the captions below each photo to learn more about the details that make this design so meaningful!! Interested in a custom garter set of your own?? You can contact us by clicking here.
    heirloom wedding garter set
    All of the tiny flowers that you see came from the crown of her mother's veil. This took hours upon hours of hand-sewing and cutting pieces off of Kelley's mothers' original veil, but to be completely honest, it was a blast!!  
    The color of the light champagne pink fabric under the flowers was created to match the layered skirt on her gown as well as the pink ombré Sara Gabriel veil that Kelley will be wearing. (i die) 
    opal toss garter
    The two bridal buttons on either side of her "Hayley" toss garter were taken from her mother's gown.
    hayley paige wedding garter set
    The swarovski crystals that we placed inside the flowers and in little "cluster" arrangements on the back band of her garter were done in a mixture of clear and opal stones to match Kelley's other wedding accessories. 
    wedding garters hayley paige
    My favorite part? Kelley sent me the original tag from the inside of her mother's gown to be incorporated into her garter. Talk about a meaningful "something blue"! (or should I say "something navy blue"?)
    pink wedding garter
    Because Kelley ended up adoring her Hayley toss garter, I decided to make her a third, simple pink velvet toss for the garter removal part of her reception. The flower at the center and the little iridescent sequin leaf in the middle were both taken from the crown on her mother's veil. 
    Kelley, I could go on forever about how incredible these garters turned out, but what I can't communicate in words is the feeling that came over me when I had your wedding music playing while slowly hand-sewing the details on the back band. Something truly magical happened in those moments, like weaving your love of Mark together with your love of your Mom and...maybe, just maybe, the love you will have for your future daughter.
    sarah dobson la gartier
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