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  • How Many Garters Should I Wear On My Wedding Day? One or Two?

    This must feel like a whole new world for you. Yesterday, you were shopping for cute date-night outfits and now you are knee-deep in the world of bridal.
    <Insert: "Toto, I've a feeling we aren't in Kansas anymore" quote here> 
     I don't know who needs to hear this, but you are not alone. Whatever you do, don't assume that it's just you. Literally the only people in the world who enter the ultra-girly-world-of-bridal with prior knowledge are, well, people like me who have lived and breathed it for ten years. 
    So, when it comes to garter questions, sit back and let me do all of the shopping for you honey. 
    Today's question: do I wear one or two garters? 
    Today's answer: It's honestly whatever you want. I know that that's not what you wanted to hear, but really, there are no rules to this thing. In fact, I've actually worked with brides in the past who have worn three garters before. (See photo below.)
    how many wedding garters do i wear on. my wedding day?
    Ok, even I'll admit: three is a little excessive but honestly look HOW GOOD IT LOOKS. 
    But for clarity purposes, let me break it down for you: usually, a bride will purchase two garters if she is planning on doing the garter toss. Then, she tosses the one that isn't too fancy during her reception and keeps the one she can't get enough of as an heirloom accessory. 
    If you are planning on doing the garter toss, then check out how pretty 
    two garters look together when worn!
    do i wear one or two garters on my wedding day?
    Above is one of our past brides, Sabrina Bryan from The Cheetah Girls, wearing both of her La Gartier garters under her gown on her wedding day. She actually ended up keeping both of these gorgeous designs and not tossing either of them. Still, if you are definitely NOT planning  on doing the garter toss, you can easily get away with purchasing just one garter. If that's the case, your leg styles will look a little like this. (Keep scrolling.)
    should I wear one or two garters on my wedding day?
    If you decide to wear just one garter on your wedding day, then I say make it count.
    That is, find a garter that truly speaks to who you are as a person and rock it like BEYONCE. The best part? You are already at the best place for finding a garter that is so uniquely you, you'll wonder why you didn't know about it sooner. Click here to find your spirit garter. (Hint: she's been looking for you.)
    should I wear one or two garters on my wedding day?
  • The Prettiest Jeweled Wedding Garter Sets of 2022

    This must feel like a whole new world for you. Yesterday, you were shopping for cute date outfits and maybe an outfit for a trip with your beloved. Now you are knee-deep in the world of bridal, feeling at a loss for where to go to buy all of your cutest bridal outfits. I don't know who needs to hear this, but you are not alone. Whatever you do, don't assume that it's just you. Literally the only people in the world who enter the strange-sparkly-planet-called-bridal with prior knowledge are, well, people like me who have lived and breathed it for ten years. 
    So, sit back and let me do all of the shopping for you honey. 
    You need recommendations regarding where to purchase a gorgeous wedding garter set? Well, you came to the right place. We are literally KNOWN for them. Let's go. Here are FIVE of the prettiest jeweled wedding garter sets in our collection.
    jeweled wedding garter set
    1. The Vienna Garter + Sparkling Blue Pearl Toss Garter
    Ok, so truth fast: we don't sell these two garters together. In fact, we don't sell any of our garters as a "combined set". Rather, we offer each of our garters individually (both keepsake and toss) so that you can mix and match in order to create a set that is unique to YOU. Do you see that gorgeous blue pearl garter in the photo above? It is called our Blue Pearl garter and it can be combined with any of our keepsake designs in order to create a Beyonce-worthy wedding garter set that is sure to catch side eyes from just about everyone. The garter that you see on the bottom is called our Vienna garter. She has been worn by multiple celebrities over the years. Oftentimes, our clients will purchase the Vienna all by herself simply because they don't need a set. (Ahem- just another reason that we don't sell our designs as pre-packaged sets.) BUT don't fret! The best part about this arrangement is that you can head to our collection and select the keepsake garter that you like the most....and then the toss garter you like the most!
    Don't see what you are looking for?
    Let's look at a few other drool-worthy wedding garter sets below!
    jeweled wedding garter sets
    2. The Blue Evelyn Garter + Sparkling Rhinestone Toss Garter
    This wedding garter set is a must-have if you are looking to check off your "something blue" via your wedding garter will also making sure that you have just the right amount of sparkle under your gown! The garter that you see on the top is called our Rhinestone Toss Garter. When I tell you that she is slim, sparkling, and completely one-of-a-kind, I mean it! In fact, she is so alluring that TONS of our clients order her all by herself. However, if you are looking for an incredible (and affordable) jeweled wedding garter set, then opt to combine her with our Blue Evelyn garter. Not only is the Blue Evelyn garter simple, but she also looks like she uses please's and thank you's at every opportunity. 
    Not a fan of blue? No problem. We have you covered. Keep scrolling!
    jeweled wedding garter sets
    3. The Pink Evelyn + Ivory Pearl Toss 
    I felt that. You just stopped scrolling. And for good reason. This jeweled wedding garter set is just too good to be true. Not only is she elegant, but she also somehow manages to tow the line between classic and modern all at once. Behold- our Pink Evelyn garter combine with our oh-so perfect Ivory Pearl toss garter. This combination is a must-have if you are incorporation pearls into your wedding day! Pro-tip: if you love the color pink, then that is enough of a reason to wear the Pink Evelyn! That is to say, you don't necessarily need to be utilizing the color pink into your bridal color pallet to wear this garter. In fact, because you are wearing it beneath your gown, I say wear whatever color you like! 
    Not enough sparkle for you? Keep scrolling. If there's one thing we are not short on, it's jewels!
    jeweled wedding garter sets
    4. The Aurora garter + rhinestone toss garter 
    Dripping in luxury and jewels, this wedding garter set is truly celeb-worthy. The garter that you see on the bottom is called our Aurora garter. Some describe her as the "Great Gatsby Garter" due to her ultra Art Deco vibes. She is truly unlike any other wedding garter on the planet...and if you love a true statement piece when it comes to accessories, then this garter has literally been waiting for you to find it. The toss garter that you see up top is, again, our sparkling rhinestone toss garter. Keep in mind that if your budget is strict, you can always order the Aurora by herself or the rhinestone toss garter by herself. As the great writer F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote: "there are no rules to this thing."
    jeweled wedding garter sets
    5. The Lori Garter + Ivory Pearl Toss Garter
    Created for the bride who loves subtle touches of gold, The Lori garter is unparalleled. And when you combine her with the effortless romance of the Ivory Pearl Toss Garter?! Game over.  The best part? Both of these designs are moderately priced, so combining them to make a set won't break the bank. 
    But wait! One last set for you to see! 
    jeweled wedding garter sets
    6. The Hayley Garter + Rhinestone Toss Garter
    Do you love opals? Do you love sparkle? Do you love garters that are completely unique? I think I just heard three yes's in a row. You guys-- this garter set is fit for a QUEEN. The garter that you see on the bottom is called The Hayley garter. It was designed for (and worn by) Hayley Paige in 2015. The garter that you see on the top is, again, our sparkling rhinestone toss garter. When placed side by side, there is no mistaking it: this jeweled wedding garter set says FLEX. 
    Interested to see more options? Click here to access our full collection! And remember: any of our garters can be combined in order to make a stunning jeweled wedding garter set! 

    Ok beauties! That sums up our top suggestions regarding which jeweled wedding garter sets are the best in our collection!

    If you have any questions or need help picking out a perfect bridal garter set to compliment your wedding day look then please email us at! Love you. Mean it. 

    jeweled wedding garter set

  • Custom Bridal Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Christin Danielle's Iowa Hawkeyes and Iridescent Sparkle Wedding Garter Set

    When I first spoke with La Gartier bride Christin Danielle on the phone, I instantly knew that she was the type of person who lit up a room when she walked in. Her personality was fun, enthusiastic and inspired. 
    After listening to her talk about what she wanted for her garter design, I just knew that Christin and I were going to get along. Little did I know that the garter set that would be born of our meeting would end up being a direct reflection of her personality as well as her relationship: fun, inspired, and sparkly. 
    The elements of Christin's design were so multi-layered and SPECIAL that I can't think of anything else to do but bullet-point them! Scroll through the photos and the written tid bits of information below to learn more about this oh-so-sporty, oh-so sparkly, oh-so-Christin wedding garter set!!! 
    iowa hawkeyes garter
    Christin's keepsake garter was a limited-edition iridescent version of our Vienna garter, picked to match the colorful, playful vibe of Christin's personality.
    iowa hawk eyes wedding garter
    We made 2 different toss garters for her-- one to pass down to her daughter someday and one to actually throw during her reception. Both were Iowa Hawkeyes-inspired to symbolize a passion that both Christin and her fiancé share: the Iowa Hawkeyes!! 
    iowa hawkeyes wedding garter
    We hand-sewed Christin's wedding hashtag #therealadamsfamily on the inside of her keepsake garter. My favorite part? We did it in navy blue for her "something blue"!!!! 💙
    iowa hawkeyes garter
    The back band of Christin's garter was made using a fine alençon lace that was chosen to match the lace on her wedding gown. Then, to make her design even more meaningful, Christin mailed us a pearl bracelet that once belonged to her mother one sunny day last August. We then cut the string and pulled off twenty pearls to use as embellishments along the surface of the back band of her keepsake. Do you see all of the tiny fresh water pearls sewed along the back band of her garter? (see photo above) Those little pearl beauties used to be worn around her mother's wrist. And that's all that I'm going to say about that ...because Christin's mother passed away recently and it breaks my heart to write about. But now Christin will have a special, symbolic piece of her mother with her as she walks down the aisle, which is pretty much #LoveMagic if you ask me. 
    Happy La Gartier everyone. If you or someone you love would like to have a beautiful, meaning-laden wedding garter made, please feel free to contact us at
  • Our Ivory Pearl and Rhinestone Wedding Garter is SOLD OUT

    Sad fact: our ivory pearl toss garter is officially SOLD OUT for the month of April, however we will have it back in stock on May 10th. (see photos below for an idea of what our ivory pearl garter looks like!) 
    If you were planning on ordering this gorgeous pearly garter for your wedding day, we will cross our fingers that you can wait until May 10th to order. If not, we highly recommend our rhinestone toss garter, which is a design with TONS of sparkle but unfortunately no pearls. You can see our rhinestone toss garter by clicking here. In need of a garter that has pearls? Then you might consider our blue pearl toss garter that is designed just like the ivory pearl garter but with a double dose of "something blue." You can see our blue pearl garter by clicking here.
    (Side note: we take great effort to make sure that we do not sell out of our most popular designs during wedding season. However, there are a few rare occasions when it happens. Instances like this make me cringe because I want nothing more than to be able to provide our brides with the products that they need, at the exact time that they need it. But alas, it happens every once and while which is why I always encourage our brides to order their garters at least three months before their wedding. That way, if we are sold out of something, you will only need to wait about one month for us to have it back in stock. Not satisfied? Email us at to see if you can pre-pay for your design in order to have first dibs on our new designs. Ok, rant over.)

    ivory pearl and rhinestone garter

    Our ivory pearl toss garter beside the signature La Gartier box. Swoon.

    ivory pearl bridal garter

    Our ivory pearl toss garter combined with our Pink Evelyn bow garter to create the prettiest little wedding garter set that you ever did see.

    ivory pearl and rhinestone garter for wedding

    Our ivory pearl garter as photographed by Jennifer Williams Boudior

    simple ivory pearl sparkle rhinestone garter

    sarah dobson la gartier



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