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  • Custom Bridal Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Christin Danielle's Iowa Hawkeyes and Iridescent Sparkle Wedding Garter Set

    When I first spoke with La Gartier bride Christin Danielle on the phone, I instantly knew that she was the type of person who lit up a room when she walked in. Her personality was fun, enthusiastic and inspired. 
    After listening to her talk about what she wanted for her garter design, I just knew that Christin and I were going to get along. Little did I know that the garter set that would be born of our meeting would end up being a direct reflection of her personality as well as her relationship: fun, inspired, and sparkly. 
    The elements of Christin's design were so multi-layered and SPECIAL that I can't think of anything else to do but bullet-point them! Scroll through the photos and the written tid bits of information below to learn more about this oh-so-sporty, oh-so sparkly, oh-so-Christin wedding garter set!!! 
    iowa hawkeyes garter
    Christin's keepsake garter was a limited-edition iridescent version of our Vienna garter, picked to match the colorful, playful vibe of Christin's personality.
    iowa hawk eyes wedding garter
    We made 2 different toss garters for her-- one to pass down to her daughter someday and one to actually throw during her reception. Both were Iowa Hawkeyes-inspired to symbolize a passion that both Christin and her fiancé share: the Iowa Hawkeyes!! 
    iowa hawkeyes wedding garter
    We hand-sewed Christin's wedding hashtag #therealadamsfamily on the inside of her keepsake garter. My favorite part? We did it in navy blue for her "something blue"!!!! 💙
    iowa hawkeyes garter
    The back band of Christin's garter was made using a fine alençon lace that was chosen to match the lace on her wedding gown. Then, to make her design even more meaningful, Christin mailed us a pearl bracelet that once belonged to her mother one sunny day last August. We then cut the string and pulled off twenty pearls to use as embellishments along the surface of the back band of her keepsake. Do you see all of the tiny fresh water pearls sewed along the back band of her garter? (see photo above) Those little pearl beauties used to be worn around her mother's wrist. And that's all that I'm going to say about that ...because Christin's mother passed away recently and it breaks my heart to write about. But now Christin will have a special, symbolic piece of her mother with her as she walks down the aisle, which is pretty much #LoveMagic if you ask me. 
    Happy La Gartier everyone. If you or someone you love would like to have a beautiful, meaning-laden wedding garter made, please feel free to contact us at
  • Sad Fact: Our Electric Boho Crystal Garter is Officially #LaGarterExtinct

    Hi all! We are coming in hot this Monday morning with sad news: our Electric Boho limited-edition design is officially #LaGarterExtinct, meaning that we will not have it back in stock EVER.

    As we realized that this must be upsetting news, here is a photo of an adorable puppy in a sweater to ease the pain: 

    adorable puppy

    Helpful? We hope so. And if not, then here is a little back story on how we run our limited-edition designs so that this doesn't happen to you again: we release exactly 4 limited-edition garters per year: one in the summer, one in the fall, one in the winter and one in the spring. The Electric Boho was our summer limited edition and we only had 10 to offer from the get-go. Fortunately unfortunately, all ten have found homes with brides from around the world (mostly the United States but one in the UK and one in Australia!) which means that this beautiful and rare design is now an elegant dinosaur in the world of wedding garters.

    BUT don't despair: we have something up our sleeve that might turn that frown upside down:  we are currently working on our fall limited-edition at the moment and it is coming out BEAUTIFULLY. Below are a few sneak peek photos of the inspiration behind our newest design. <pause>  I am going to stop talking now before I give away any additional revealing details. <puts hand over mouth>

    wifey leather jacket

    wifey ring my beloved collection

    wifey clutch edie parker

    hayley paige stud gown megan gown

    wedding shoes

    wedding shoes

    hayley paige stud gown



  • How to Wear Your Wedding Garter For Your Bridal Boudior Shoot

    After running this company for seven plus years, I have seen a TON of wedding garter photos. Usually, our brides will send us photos after the wedding day but every once and awhile, they will send me TWO sets of photos: one set from their pre-wedding bridal boudior session and another set from the wedding. <insert red "100" emoji twice here>
    For this reason, I have become fairly opinionated regarding how one should wear their wedding garter for their bridal boudior session. (opinionated? Me?? Nah.)
    So, without further adieu, here are FIVE go-to pro-tips that will help you slay your wedding garter photos, complete with a five gorgeous photos from Intimately Inspiring Photography. Why? To visually highlight what the heck I am talking about of course. 

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    1. We highly recommend wearing only 1 garter for your bridal boudoir shoot. This might seem obvious, however every once and awhile, a bride will decide to wear her both keepsake and her toss garter at the same time during her bridal boudior shoot. It doesn't look bad persay but if you want a clean and elegant look then opt for only 1 garter on that gorgeous leg! #LessIsMore

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    If you have two garters to chose from, pick the one that is jeweled, slim and super glamorous. Why? Because it looks so.darn.pretty when juxtaposed with the soft, feminine romantic look of your lingerie! 

    ivory pearl wedding garter

    It doesn't matter which leg you wear your garter on but be sure to wear it halfway up your thigh. So, not too low and not too high. Why? I honestly don't know. It just looks more balanced that way. 

    Make sure to wear something that doesn't cover your garter for at least a portion of your bridal boudoir shoot. So, if you are planning on wearing a bridal robe for apart of it, then that is wonderful but make sure to get a few shots with it off so that you can really see #allthesparkle

    Consider pouring bringing a bottle of rosé to the shoot. This pro-tip has absolutely nothing to do with wedding garters,  but we consider it relevant because ROSÉ ALL DAY.

    la gartier wedding garters




  • Sparkle Bridal Garters and Sparklers for the Fourth of July

  • Boho Wedding Garters for the Boho Glam Bride

    The arrival of summer means the smell of sunscreen, entire days spent in bikinis and a diet comprised of fruit and popsicles. (maybe just me?) However, here at La Gartier, it also means the release of a BRAND NEW limited edition design. And this summer, it's all about boho glam. While we aren't releasing photos of our new limited edition just yet, we are definitely revealing teaser videos and photos to prepare you all for the mega-boho-beauty that is about to take over our collection. If you follow us on instagram or Twitter, then you have probably already seen a few of the images that have inspired the design of our newest-limited edition design, however if you have not, then below are a few pictures (and even a written description!) of the inspiration behind our newest limited-edition wedding garter design. 
    She has been named the "Electric Boho" garter. And when I tell you that she stays true to her name, I mean it. And now for a confession: if you are a bride who identifies with anything that you see below, then you are going to go absolutely B-A-N-A-N-A-S over the Electric Boho garter. The only bad news is that we are releasing only 10 of these beauties, so it will be a first-come, first-serve situation once it is released on July 10th. I am going to say that one more time: there are only 10 of these available. So, if you love what you are seeing, then check back with us at 12:01am on July 10th for your chance to snag one of the first ten. 
    Lastly-- an important note to any bride-to-be who is reading this blog long after the passing of our Electric Boho garter: we have a few other designs in our permanent collection that are always available and still very much boho-inspired. To see just one of them, click here. Don't love it? Then feel free to email us at to inquire about a custom design made just for your boho-ridden heart. Happy La Gartier everyone! 


    boho wedding garter

    boho wedding garter

    boho wedding garters

    boho wedding garters


    boho wedding garter

    boho wedding garters



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