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  • Semi-Custom Garter Spotlight: Jacqueline LaBeau's Quartz and Something Blue Garter Set

     Brides who love quartz are some of my favorite brides in the entire world. There is always something so loving, bohemian and fantasy-like about them. It is almost as if a Disney princess collided with a mother-earth-loving, music-festival going hippie girl...and to be honest--- I can never get enough of it! That is exactly what happened when I met La Gartier bride Jacqueline LaBeau who wanted something personalized for her wedding, but didn't want to lose sight of her wedding budget. For this reason, Jacqueline booked a semi-custom spot with us last February!!
    She thought about her options carefully before choosing the semi-custom as the definite route for her wedding spending plan. However, after viewing all of her choices (especially the charm choices!) she told us that she felt she could express her personal style and achieve an heirloom-worthy-look within the semi-custom design choices.
    Um, but do you know what I love? I don't think that Jacqueline knew just how much she was going to LOVE her final wedding garter set until she saw photos. (See images below!)
    boho wedding garter
    Jacqueline chose the Hayley garter due to the fact that she was wearing a Hayley Paige gown on her wedding day. (side note: she also fangirls HARD over HP, so wearing any other designer was out of the question.)
    hayley paige wedding garter
    For her statement charm, Jacqueline picked out the clear Aura quartz pendant. Why might you ask? Jackie loves all things mystical like astrology, stones that heal, energy readings and-- most importantly-- her yoga-master boyfriend Aaron Spagling. (look him up on instagram immediately! He is incredible!)
    quartz wedding garter
    For this reason, Jacqueline felt that the clear Aura quartz pendant expressed not only her personal style but also her relationship beautifully.

    The final product came out so unbelievably gorgeous. To make her set even more personalized, Jacqueline picked the baby blue embroidery thread from our collection so as to cross off her "something blue" by way of her initials and Aaron's initials. (not to mention their wedding date!) 

     personalized bridal garter

    blue jewel wedding garter

     Interested in having a semi-custom garter set made for yourself or someone that you love? Then we have you covered! Currently, we are booked until June of 2019 for custom designs but as long as your wedding falls on or after July 1st of 2019, then we would LOVE to work with you! Please email us at! 

    sarah dobson

  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Cristina Bulifant's 50 Shade of Purple Personalized Wedding Garter Set

    Being a color-passionate, as a personality trait, is something I have learned not every possesses. I used to think every in the world had a favorite color that they were transfixed by every time they saw it. <cue deer in headlights frozen body language.> However as I grew up, I slowly discovered that there are only a few people on this earth that feel strongly about one particular color, and fill their life up with it as often and as "extra" as possible. 
    I try not to play favorites when it comes to our custom wedding garter designs, but there is no denying that there was one very special Tiffany blue garter design that sticks out like a gorgeous gem from 2018. Actually- let me back track a little and explain: Every once and awhile, I will have the opportunity to design a garter for a bride who has known her soon-to-be-hubby since high school or, better yet, has been dating her soon-to-be-hubby since high school. <insert happy squeal sound from deep down. Seriously. So romantic.> 
     This was DEFINITELY the case a few months ago when I worked with La Gartier bride Cristina Bulifant, who told me she loved the color purple more than anything in the world. (I loved her instantly.)
    She emailed us one bright, spring day with one simple request: could we create a custom garter set for her December 2018 wedding that somehow combined her love of purple with her husband's love of Ford Mustangs? To say that I was immediately taken aback by the sheer uniqueness of this request-- not to mention Cristina's clarity of vision-- would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a creation process filled with gold vintage ford mustang charms, vintage lavender velvet with silk inner lining, more sparkle than either of us new what to do with, (just kidding. we knew what to do with it.) and the prettiest tiffany blue details to boot. 
     Wondering what made Cristina's garters so gorgeous? Scroll down to see photos of her beautiful personalized garter set!!
    purple velvet wedding garter set
    ford mustang wedding garter set
    gold sparkle wedding garter rose gold wedding garter
    sarah dobson  la gartier denver
  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Brittney Horton's Garter Made From Her Mother's Wedding Gown

    Creating a wedding garter using a bride's mothers' wedding gown is a beautiful thing. It is a certain type of custom garter that we have been making for brides for years. In fact, we are becoming known for "repurposed" customizations of this kind and they are always an absolute honor to be asked to do so naturally I was taken aback when La Gartier bride Brittney Horton asked me to create a garter for her using her mother's wedding gown that was hand-sewn by her grandmother.  Let me just repeat that in case the utter specialness of it can double-whammy: Brittney's mother's gown was created by Brittney's grandmother. And not only that but some of the sewing on the gown was done by hand, meaning that Brittney's grandmother most likely spent countless night with a needle and thread creating her daughter's gown.  When Brittney asked me if she could sent me parts of the gown to transform into a wedding garter for her wedding, I couldn't say YES quickly enough. There was only one thing left to do after Brittney shipped me the fabric from her mother's gown: that is, we needed to make sure that her garter contained at least 1 powerful element that spoke directly to her relationship story. The ah-ha moment came when Brittney told me that her fiancé popped the question at Disneyworld...and that, furthermore, they had chosen a Disney resort in Hawaii as the location of their wedding! When she told me this, it became apparent very quickly that we needed to find a way to incorporate a Disney element into her garter as her small but powerful statement pendant. Below are final photos of her garters. This personalized wedding garter set is so beautiful because it perfectly juxtaposes heavy heirloom significance (with the grandmother/mother fabric) with the fun/cute/playful Disney element that almost every bride can relate to. Dear Brittney: I don't know who said that Disney-themed wedding accessories weren't chic. They apparently just didn't have the right materials.

    disney wedding garter

    disney wedding garter

    disney wedding garter

    disney wedding garter

    sarah dobson



  • Blush and Lace Wedding Garter for La Gartier bride Stacy Nicolini

    When our past clients decide to send us photos from their weddings, the day suddenly feels like Christmas!! This is exactly what happened earlier today when La Gartier bride Stacey Nicolini sent us photos from her wedding, shot by the one and only Laura Hernandez Photography. Suddenly, I felt like posting these photos EVERYWHERE!!♥

    Last February, I had the pleasure of creating a custom wedding garter for Stacey using lace from her grandmother's wedding dress. After we were finished designing her garter, Stacey requested that I create a custom bouquet wrap for her as well, using a pearl necklace that onced belonged to her grandmother. Below are pictures of not only her garter, but also her bouquet wrap and her drop dead gorgeous Christian Louboutin bridal heels. Can someone say GORGEOUS?!

    If you would like to book a customization for yourself or someone that you love, please email us at Happy La Gartier everyone! 

    bridal louboutins

    lace wedding garter

    wedding christian louboutins

    pearl garter

    bouquet wrap pearl custom wedding

    la gartier bride stacy nicolini

  • Nothing but Luxury Wedding Garters for Jimmy Choo

    The month of February is a month that has been bringing lovely and sexy moments into the lives of women everywhere for years, so it seems only appropriate that we received the prettiest photos from Jessica Claire Photography this month!! 
    The back story: Jessica Claire's name was given to me via Details Details Wedding Planning, one of California's best wedding planning companies. I recently designed a custom garter for one of their primary wedding planners, Samantha Farris, who took it upon herself to do an entire photoshoot curated around her gorgeous custom garter. And guess who she picked as her photographer? None other than the talented Jessica Claire of Jessica Claire Photography!! <(insert heart eyes emojo six times!!!))
    Why might you ask? Well, just take a look at the photos below for an explanation!! Can you believe how beautiful these are!?? When I first saw them, my jaw hit the floor. Honestly, I have never seen a pair of shoes so perfect next to the Vienna garter. Just another reason to say "I Do" wearing La Gartier and Jimmy Choo!! 
    If you are interested in purchasing the "Vienna" garter for yourself or someone that you love, please click here to be directed to our online shop. Happy La Gartier everyone! 
    jimmy choo bridal
    jeweled wedding garter
    jimmy choo bridal heels
    crystal jeweled wedding garter
    rhinestone wedding garter
    wedding shoes jimmy choo
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