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  • Published! Our Hayley Paige Opal Wedding Garter Featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs!

    There is nothing like starting a new work week with a brand new feature on one of the most popular wedding blogs in America. Seriously, if I had to pick between a brand new pair of Louboutins and a press feature as lovely as this, I would pick the press every single time. Suffice to say, I knew that this week was off to a great start when the uber-well-known wedding blog Elizabeth Anne Designs published a styled shoot that we participated in last month at Foxhall Resort.

    The inspiration for the day was Classic Southern Romance...and I am not lying when I tell you that every detail that day was dripping with classic Southern charm!! Below are photos from the shoot, including my two favorites: the photos that show off our opal Hayley garter alongside Jimmy Choo's "Luna" heels. (gotta love a pair of sparkle heels that are inspired by the night sky!) 

    Below are photos from this peachy, over-the-top romantic styled shoot that just made our Monday feel like Christmas as well as a little bit about the shoot itself! Happy La Gartier everyone! 

    hayley paige wedding gown


    "Nestled approximately 30 minutes, but a world away, from downtown Atlanta is Foxhall Resort, and the tranquil setting provided a perfect backdrop for this classic and romantic inspiration shoot designed by Evermore Weddings & Events. A palette of slate blue, blush, peach, and green created a soft but elegant ambiance, and a blush Hayley Paige gown stole the show! Hacman Floral created a showstopping pastel bouquet to accompany the bridal look, which featured soft, modern hair and makeup from Elizabeth Sloan Beauty. The result is an absolute fairy tale! Beautiful details such as a rounded ceremony altar, elevated greenery centerpiece, and a custom peach cocktail by Lyght House Cocktails complete the scene. We are completely spellbound, as always, by the images from the incredibly talented Brandi of Alexis June Weddings!"

    hayley paige wedding garter with opals

    vintage wedding ring

    the mrs box peach

    greenery tablescape

    hayley paige wedding gown


    hayley paige wedding gown

    hayley paige opal wedding garter

    jimmy choo luna heels

    sparkle opal hayley paige wedding garter



  • Client Blogs > Client Reviews

    Last week, one of our past clients Madison McCoy wrote the sweetest blog about her experience with La Gartier. I would be lying if I said that her words didn't bring tears to my eyes. Right now, it's pretty much the height of wedding season and any bridal industry professional will tell you that we are entering some of the most challenging summer months in terms of volume and inquiries. Sometimes, it is little things like the blog below that keep you going...and remind you why you do the job you do: because you LOVE IT. Without further adieu, here is exactly what Madison published last week: 

    "There is a theory that the wedding garter was regarded as a token of love with "magical powers," which is freaking cool. Although garters are a small part of your wedding day, they are one of the few pieces of wedding day attire that you can store in a small place and look at on a regular basis. They're also another way to incorporate your own personal style, and they're the perfect heirloom to pass down to your daughter or future daughter-in-law.

    If you read my “Unconventional Pops of Color for the Bride” post, you’ll remember all of the gorgeous La Gartier garters that I featured. I think the best part about planning a wedding is working with so many vendors who are passionate about all of the little details that go into your big day, and that’s what drew me to La Gartier.

    Not only are their garters handmade, but they also make custom garters as well.  La Gartier has made garters for Jamie Lynn Spears, Katherine Webb, Hayley Paige, Nikki Ferrell, and more. If you check out her insta, you’ll see all of the gorgeous brides they have made garters for and a ton more behind the scenes footage of the creative process. Seriously, this account is probably one of my favorites because I’m always wondering what she, Sarah AKA the glitter and sparkle queen, will come up with next.

    My personal experience with La Gartier was nothing short of amazing and stress free. Sarah truly takes pride in everything she does, and she works day and night to make sure that the bride is 10000% happy with her garter(s). She sent me regular updates throughout the entire process and always checked in with me before making decisions, even though we were always on the same page.

    You can read the story of my garter on La Gartier’s blog! It’s definitely one of my most special accessories for my wedding day, and you’ll see why.

    I put my name on the list for my custom garter in late fall of 2016, and I received it early February. Sarah took that time between fall and February to find the perfect lace, flowers, and velvet for my surprise toss garter, that perfectly matched my vision. To this day, it blows my mind she put so much time and effort into my garter!

    If you go the custom route, she includes a beautiful toss garter made from Swarovski crystals, but because she had some extra fabric, she surprised me with a complementary third garter. *mind blown*

    When I opened the bright pink, bubble wrapped package, I literally gasped. Sarah had wax sealed the sweetest hand written note and added a few extra flowers from my garter for that little special touch. I was literally screaming, and I hadn't even opened the box with my garters yet. When I finally composed myself enough to look inside, I immediately noticed that the fabric and materials she had used were not the kind you'd find in any store. They are so high quality, and she even went as far as to include a sweet La Gartier charm inside the garter. I die.

    I truly couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience with Sarah and La Gartier, and I would recommend her to any and every one in search for the most perfect garter."



  • Bringing Wedding Garters Back One Sparkle at a Time

    I am honestly not sure how wedding garters ever fell by the wayside as a basic wedding accessory. It seemed that they were on fire during the seventies and eighties, but by the nineties, they had stopped being a go-to, must-have wedding accessory. Perhaps this was due to the fact that their design was never updated. However, if there is one thing that is for sure: I intend to bring them back, one sparkle at a time. 
    This week, I owe photographer Holly Trizzino of Intimately Inspiring Photography a BIG thank you for helping me in my hot pursuit of this aim. With her help, along with our model, Carly Grace, I feel one step closer to revolutionizing the world of wedding garters. 
    The photos below were taken as apart of a bridal boudior shoot that Holly, Carly and I put together about four weeks ago. When I saw the images being taken in Holly's camera, I knew we were in for a treat but I honestly didn't know just how much of a treat. Can someone say gorgeous?? 
    Below are just a few of my favorite photos from this month's beautiful photoshoot, with a little bit of information below each photo about the design elements and outfit details in each photo! 
    rose gold wedding garters
    The Florentine garter as worn by Carly Grace of Carly Grace Yoga. If you love this garter as much as we do, you can click here to see it in our shop. It's warm. It's romantic. It's sparkly. It's everything you want on your wedding day.
    rose gold wedding garters
    The lingerie that Carly wears here is from an unbelievable company based in Canada called Lola and August. Their quality is unbelievable! If you are looking for amazing bridal lingerie, then you must check them out! 
    gold wedding garter sparkle
    I am a huge believer in adding floral elements to ANY bridal boudior shoot. They not only give you something to do with your hands, but they add so much femininity and just a touch of color to every photo. Fun fact: this particular batch of roses were on sale at my local grocery for less than ten dollars. I actually recommend buying a sale bouquet versus a new bouquet, because the roses are generally a little more open. As long as the petals are wilting, then buying a dozen roses from your local grocery store will save you a TON of money. Promise. 
    gold wedding garter with sparkle
    Here, Carly wears the Florentine garter with a set of lingerie from....wait for it...wait for it.. Victoria's Secret. *mind blown"
    rhinestone wedding garters
    Never underestimate the power of a plain white furry rug in any bridal photos EVER.
    rose gold wedding garters
    super cute x 10,000, right?
    lola and august
    All white everything.
    gold crystal wedding garter
    A big thank you to photographer Holly Trizzino Photography for being such a talented, angel of a woman. And thank you to Carly Grace for being such a model yogi doll for us last Saturday. Shoots like this are why we continue on our mission to BRING WEDDING GARTERS BACK ONE SPARKLE AT A TIME. 
  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Alexandra Larson's Blush Pink Velvet and Rose Gold/Opal Custom Garter Set

    With Mother's Day approaching, I can't think of a more meaninful gift to give to your mother than a wedding garter made out of the fabric from her wedding gown. It's pretty much the most touching thing that I can think of, even when it is not my mother or even my garter. Last month, I had the extreme pleasure of working with La Gartier bride Alexandra Larson, who requested that I create a custom garter set for her using her mother's wedding gown. (Full disclosure: at this point in our company's life, this is not an unusual request. Regardless, it always sets my heart on fire because of the deep significance of the fabric. Vintage gowns always surprise me with their unpredictable design elements, which means that I have no control over how the "feel" of the garter is going to come out. It's like creating a cuisine given a mystery box full of ingredients...and I live for the thrill of it.) But wait, here is the best part: Alexandra didn't want to cut into her mother's gown herself so she shipped me the ENTIRE gown when she booked her customization last January!!!! This means that I had the totally lovely benefit of staring at it for about three months while we waited for her scheduled customization month to arrive. (Fun fact: I actually pinned it to the studio wall above my computer so that I could stare at it everyday! Not surprisingly, vintage wedding gown make for incredible wall art.)
    There are so many wonderful and truly meaningful details included within this garter set that I don't even know where to begin!! For her "something blue", Alexandra requested that the words "Let Go, Let God" be sewn into the inside of her garter, which made me delierious with sentiment. Also, because she and her fiance love going up to the mountains, we found a rose gold pendant online to place at the center of her toss garter (which she will, of course, never toss!!) Then, as if the set wasn't already special enough, we decided to create the back band of her keepsake garter using the satin dress fabric from her mother's gown!!! Below are pictures of the final product. To say that I ADORE this garter set is an understatement. If someone were to ask me to describe this garter in three short statements, I would probably have to pick: 
    1. True heirloom Integrity
    2. Deeply Meaningful
    3. Irreplaceable 
    To be completely honest, I could probably write a five page paper on the utter specialness of this garter set, including how closely Alexandra and I worked together while creating it. But I know you all don't like uber-long blogs, so I'll keep it brief. If you are as interested in this garter as I am, then please feel free to mull over the photos below as much as you would like. And if you are determined to book your own La Gartier Custom garter, then feel free to contact us at We are booked until August at the moment, but as long as you are not saying "I Do" until early September or anytime thereafter, then we would be honored to work with you. 
    rose gold wedding garter
    The front jeweled piece of Alexandra's garter was created using rose gold settings and beading. The stones were a mixture of clear rhinestones and opals. Swoon, right?
    mothers wedding dress garter
    The back band on Alexandra's keepsake garter was made using the fabric from her mother's wedding dress. Do you see those tiny floral appliques that we hand-sewed on top of the band for a pretty 3-D floral affect? Those were once apart of the lace that lined the neckline of Alexandra's mothers' gown. 
    mother's wedding dress garter
    On the inside, printed in blue, was a signature statement of Alexandra's grandmother: "Let Go, Let God"
    What a beautiful "something blue," right??!
    mountain inspired wedding garter
    My favorite detail on Alexandra's toss garter was the rose gold mountain charm. It symbolizes where she and her soon-to-be-hubby spend a large part of their leisure time: in the mountains.  Alexandra was responsible for finding this little gem of a pendant. If you love it as much as I do, check out a company called Rudiana on Etsy. The shop is full of drop dead dainty items!
  • Green Roses and the Athena Garter for St. Patrick's Day

    For some, St. Patrick's Day is a holiday best spent drinking green beer, eating corn beef and cabbage or commemorating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. For others, St. Patrick's Day is all about celebrating the color green and finally saying goodbye to the Ugg wearing days of winter. Like many of my color-obsessed wedding industry colleagues, I definitely fall into the latter of those two categories. This year, St. Patrick's Day meant creating an instagram video using green roses (swoon) as well as the one rare occasion to purchase a gold Shamrock paperweight from Target. (At $19.00, this item is an absolute steal!) The only thing missing from this video is a rainbow, which..... believe it or not, I actually spent quite some time trying to figure out how to manufacture. Turns out that Mother Nature is the only one who has that down.  Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! I hope you are wearing your prettiest green dress/blouse/heels/earrings right now!! (Btw- if you love the garter that I am wearing in this video, you can make it your own by clicking here.) 




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